Warrnambool & Portland Eyecare

At Warrnambool and Portland Eyecare, we care for you.

Everyone is an individual

We don’t believe there is one answer for everyone’s vision needs; when you come to us you are seen and treated as the individual that you are.

Excellent customer service

We focus on customising your experience from beginning to end. We aim to not only meet your requirements of a professional healthcare service, but also exceed your expectations in customer care, professionalism and product quality.

The future of eyecare has landed

At Warrnambool and Portland Eyecare, we have spent years learning, growing and practicing our skills to be able to offer you what we believe to be the new version of eye care. We put our patients first, and our priority is to listen to their needs and help them find vision solutions.

Only the best solutions

We are not here to sell you anything you don’t need, like ‘extras’ that you didn’t ask for.

At Warrnambool and Portland we care for your eye health, your needs and your overall experience.

We care, for you.